Spray paint – DYERs best friend

I became a huge fan of spray paint when I decided to learn how to decorate my house. Part of the reason I got into the DIY world is because I wanted to do things my way, and also because it would end up costing much less. So why should you fall in love with it too? Because the options you have with a spray paint can in your hands are endless.  They are pretty cheap ($3-$4 each) but if you are lucky enough you can find them for $2 in clearance section at stores sometimes.


So far I have roughly 40 units and didn’t miss any good deals for these precious cans ever since.

After using them in a few projects, I found out that there’s something very useful out in the market that would change the way I work with them completely, ladies and gentleman I introduce to you the Spray Paint Gun!

No more pain from pressing it and as you can see, it works with other brands too! It costs around $8, Seriously, it’s totally worth it.

Check out these spray paint projects:

Pedestal project

I bought this pedestal from AcMoore. It cost less than $18 because it was unfinished. By unfinished I mean it wasn’t ready to be used because the surface was powdered and very fragile. I used the gloss clear spray paint which added the glossy looking as well as protection to the pedestal.

Final result!

Foyer door project

I wanted to paint the triangles green to match the other green details in the room and frost the glass to have more privacy in the foyer.

Make sure you leave the doors open so the air can circulate. Also, use a fan to blow the odor out as soon as you finish panting and of course, use a mask.


Here is what I used for the door project:

Frosting glass is very easy, all you have to do is keep the same distance and rhythm as you spray the glass.

Powder room metal details project

This is the spray paint I used:

My powder room vent cover was white and the paint was peeling off, now it looks new!

The light switch was beige, with some decoration, but now it matches with the other metallic details! I will post my powder room make over soon. From the 70’s to contemporary! Spray paint is pretty resistant, I even painted my closet doors and they are just fine, no scratches or damages so far!

Next time, I will share some other projects that didn’t require anything but spray paint and creativity!

So take a look around your house right now… Is there anything you like but wish the color was different to match your room better, or maybe add or even mix colors? If so, there’s a cheap solution for that, SPRAY PAINT IT! It’s fun and whatever you paint will look like new! 🙂

Enjoy it!



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6 responses to “Spray paint – DYERs best friend

  1. Simone

    Miga.. q barato… it´s wonderful…. congrats… 😉

  2. Amigaaaaaa! Arrasou!!! Please add the subscription module to your side bar so I can follow your blog 😉

    Love you ❤

  3. Thanks pelo supporte Amigas ❤

  4. lelia

    ei gostei muito! muito criativa será que funciona no heater??? o meu ta feinho, vou ver se acho aqui em Londres.

  5. lelia

    pensando bem o heater é grandinho, não sei de vai dar certo, o seu ficou lindo, mas são peças menores.

    • Hey Leila, obrigada por visitar o blog, seja bem vinda 🙂 Otima pergunta! Ha spray paints que sao especiais para temperaturas altas! Legal ne? Eu recomendo que voce deixe a tinta secar por 1 dia ou ate mais. Nao importa o tamanho do seu heater, go ahead e pinte ele! Eu pintei todos os meus vent covers de branco e o do banheiro de silver, como vc viu. They look like new. 🙂 Vai dar certo,me conte os resultados depois. Bjs

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